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Metal mesh for architecture and design | Indoor as well as outdoor


Metal meshes from Pelger are

  • almost indestructible due to high-quality and stable stainless steel
  • very maintenance and care free and therefore offer a high utility value
  • flexible for unlimited application possibilities
  • as a metal curtain an innovative furnishing design element with individual aesthetics

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The special

Since 1986, PELGER GmbH has been producing high-quality wire belts and wire belt conveyors for a wide range of industries. Compared to conventionally used materials, the metal used is robust, durable, but above all EFFECTIVE.

In addition to conveyor belts and the production sector, our wire meshes have also established themselves in architecture in recent years: as a visually high-quality design option for both interior and exterior areas. In addition to complete solutions in the field of wire belts, we therefore also equip your properties as building and furnishing materials - with the same flexibility and high quality, of course.

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Variety that inspires

The metal mesh can be used as room partition, metal curtain for shower partition, but also for facade design. This versatility is achieved thanks to the flexible customization options of our metal mesh and its aesthetic and functional properties. Different wire meshes, edges and high-quality metals, the possibility to have our metal meshes coated in all colors as well as widths of up to six meters leave hardly any design wishes unfulfilled.

Give free rein to your creativity and discover the individual application possibilities of metal mesh.

Architectural visions come true with our wire mesh.


Private or commercial,
Indoor or outdoor

Whether as architectural fabrics for commercial properties or for stylish living and living space design. There are no limits to the use of our products, we operate indoors and outdoors, in all imaginable colors and shapes. Individual consultation and production are close to our hearts and allow our customers time and again to achieve architectural wonders that seem utopian to others in advance.


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